The Artist

Dreams are at the core of humanity. They are the one thing that we all have in common.  We all have dreams,  both literal and figurative. My purpose is to make those dreams a reality.  In our collective subconsciousness, we dream of faces and places that do not exist. We dream in fantasy and nightmares. The positive takeaway is that we can learn and grow from them,  both the good dreams and the bad. We make the conscious decision to face our fears and chase our deepest desires, without regret. That decision is the basis of artistic freedom.

I am a visual artist and photographer from Los Angeles, California. I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I spent many hours as a kid doodling through classes, letting my imagination take the lead. Over the years, I found an interest in many different mediums. Inspired by everything from cityscapes and architecture to the ocean waves and the details of tree bark, I feel that art is in all of us. Everyone needs to find their own artistic outlet. I hope that you enjoy some of the pieces, and are inspired to create, as well.

Matt Quest