What To Do

What to do
When you don’t know
What to do
Do you scream
Do you cry
Do you kneel
Do you try
To explain to yourself
Everything will be alright
Even though you’re not sure
Nothing at all
Is guaranteed
We don’t know
What we need
Do you give up
Or concede
Do you search
For the answers
In places unseen
Do you crawl
Into a hole
Or curl up in a ball
Do you ball up your fist
And smash into a wall
Or do you sit in silence
There’s no on but yourself
Because no one understands
And no one can help
There is no help
For the hurting
There are no answers
For the searching
I don’t know
What to do
No one knows what to do
There are lies
And there is truth
But they are one in the same
Life is but a dirty game
With no rules
And no ending
The end is only the beggening
There are no answers
When you don’t know
What to do
No calm for the storm
No company for the alone
No relief for the pain
Nothing left to gain
So we stand
And we wait
We wait and we stand
Maybe someone understands