The Speed of Life

The world moves at the speed of life,
Sometimes we wish we could make it all right,
Minutes turn to hours, and hours turn black,
I wish for a moment I could take it all back,
Erase the all the hurt, and dissolve the pain,
But, it all plays out like a dirty game.
I want to change the things I couldn’t control,
As they hit like the heaviest weight on my soul.

But there is no looking back now, only moving ahead,
Forget past mistakes, I will not live in regret.
Because looking behind only causes more strife,
That is not how I choose to live this life.
Make every day count, every minute, at that,
Don’t let them see you suffer or crack.
Put on a brave face, though it hurts deep inside
We are so blessed, we’re the ones that survived.

Even through tough times, brighter days lie ahead,
So I tend to focus on the good times, instead,
Knowing that God has a plan for it all,
So I trust in him, moving forward, standing tall.
I know that the best days are still yet to arrive,
And all I feel is His hope and His love deep inside.
Though the speed of life is the blink of an eye,
Time moves slowly, when on Him, we rely.