My Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the greatest city on earth. Even though I have yet to do much traveling in my 29 years of existence, I am convinced that it is the most beautiful and intriguing city in the world. You could fight me on this – and you might win – but this is my blog, so I say what I want and you cannot stop me. Anyway, seeing that I cannot truly make a sufficient argument to support my point point, I will simply assert that this city has never ceased to capture my attention and fascinate me in various aspects of its metropolitan liveliness. One cannot truly appreciate Los Angeles as a city or as an urban area until they experience all corners of the region. I have spent all of my life in ” L.A.” I was born in Los Angeles at the Childrens’ Hospital in Downtown. I was raised in Altadena, a suburb just north of Pasadena for the first five years of my life. My memories from that time are nice ones: the weather was pleasant, and we had a nice backyard where my sisters and I could run around. Some of my earliest memories are the sounds of the mountain lions which tended to walk around the roof of our duplex. When my family moved in 1988, we chose another place in the foothills – Upland. I went to elementary through high school in the San Gabriel Valley, and I went to college in South L.A. at USC… not far from Downtown.

So for a large portion of my life, the San Gabriel Valley and parts of the Inland Empire and a small portion of the city of Los Angeles itself were really the extent of my knowledge of this great cultural amalgamation. However, recent events in my life, such as purchasing my first car, meeting the woman of my dreams, and my job assignments being moved from South Orange County to the Antelope Valley to Ventura, among other spots, have led me to the outermost townships of the region. In addition, searching for shortcuts and ways to save myself from the horrors of freeway traffic has led me to explore spaces within the region that I may have never discovered.