Dave Matthews Band: Top 25 Songs

One of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do is make a list of the best Dave Matthews Band songs. Every time this magical group of musicians gets into the studio, they seem to create masterpieces from the start to finish of every album.

I’ve attempted to make a list of DMB’s top 25 tracks. Let me know which of your favorites I’ve left out. There are many that I wanted to make the list, but I couldn’t bump off any of the others! Here they are in no particular order:

1.) The Best of What’s Around
2.) Two Step
3.) #41
4.) Warehouse
5.) The Stone
6.) Ants Marching
7.) Satellite
8.) The Dreaming Tree
9.) Stay (Wasting Time)
10.) Pig
11.) Why I Am
12.) So Much to Say
13.) Drive In, Drive Out
14.) Crush
15.) Funny the Way It Is
16.) Sweet
17.) Granny
18.) Everyday
19.) The Stone
20.) Raven
21.) Big Eyed Fish
22.) Alligator Pie
23.) Kit Kat Jam
24.) All Along the Watchtower
25.) Dancing Nancies