Complex Predicament

No way out of my complex predicament,
An unsolvable puzzle in which I entangled myself.
The absolute worst possible situation,
Threatening my well-being, even my health.

Impatience, in part, has put me where I am,
And stubbornness is the reason that I don’t understand.
I had been unwilling to fully open my mind,
So I’ve lost my head start and fallen far behind.

I was foolish in the past, acting on my intuitions,
But there’s a much better method, this confirmed my suspicions.
So I prayed to God that my opportunity wasn’t gone,
And I prayed for strength to help me desire right over wrong.

But I found human elements were a block in my road,
I found that there was a physical limitation to what I could know.
So I stepped out of this world onto a higher plane,
I emerged into a Spiritual level, now far ahead of the game.

The favor of God has gotten me past my fears,
Now I fear no more and the vision of my mind is clear.
I’ve started all over like a resolution on New Year’s,
And as I drive along this road, I know exactly where to steer.