Best 20 Shinedown Songs

Shinedown is hands down oneĀ of the best rock bands of this generation. For those of you who have heard of them, but never really checked them out, here are the top tracks you should listen to. And for the die hard fans, let me know which of your favorites aren’t on the list. This is in no real order…

1.) .45
2.) Burning Bright
3.) Second Chance
4.) Call me
5.) I Dare You
6.) Simple Man
7.) All I Ever Wanted
8.) I’ll Follow You
9.) Breaking Inside
10.) If You Only Knew
11.) I’ll Follow You
12.) Crow and Butterfly
13.) What a Shame
14.) Trade Yourself In
15.) The Sound of Madness
16.) Fly From the Inside
17.) Diamond Eyes
18.) No More Love
19.) In Memory
20.) Lacerated